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PlayBoost OTO2 VSL

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Take Advantage of The Buzz and Excitement Around This

Never-Before-Seen Technology

Ever heard of the saying “strike while the iron is hot”?

This is exactly where we are with auto-play shutdown right now.

Agencies are pulling in HUGE numbers with video marketing services to clients, influencers and local businesses. They’re missing something crucial though – a way to solve their clients’ auto-play view problems!


Luckily - we have playboost to help us solve this huge problem plaguing the entire video marketing industry.

Seriously… No one else has ANYTHING to solve this problem.

EVERY business out there that has even just one single video needs playboost because they’re losing clicks, views, leads and revenue.

This means there has never been a better time to strike!

  • Video is the BIGGEST it’s ever been.
  • Auto-play shutdown is affecting EVERYONE’S views.
  • You have the ONLY solution at your fingertips.

So we thought… What if we gave you full commercial (agency) rights to Playboost?

…so that you could offer this as a service to clients and local businesses, and make more money from this AMAZING fresh technology?

What if You Showed Someone Else This Software…

Would They Be Blown Away?


The simply answer is absolutely…

What if you showed friends, family, small businesses and clients how they could automatically boost their existing video views to generate more traffic, leads and sales for their businesses?

  • …without them having to re-upload anything.
  • …withoutthem having to make any video edits.
  • …without them having to make any NEW videos.
  • …without them having to change anything on their website.

It’s a no-brainer for ANY small or large business because the return on investment is almost instant and they don’t have to change ANYTHING on their end.

It’s almost like you’re GIVING them views for free…

This Is YOUR Opportunity to Take a NEW Video Service to the Masses And Build a Sustainable Revenue Stream At The Same Time…

By simply upgrading today, you are doubling the ways you can boost revenue with Playboost and turn it into a business that works FOR you.

Playboost Agency gives you the rights to sell Playboost as a service to clients! You’re able to run campaigns for them and easily show them a direct increase in leads and sales with this exciting video-boosting software.

Not only that, have a step up on any of your competitors by being the ONLY marketing agency offering to solve video marketers’ BIGGEST problem right now. Auto-play!

Everyone is feeling the pinch of this new shutdown. And you get the relieve that pinch for them by offering playboost as a service!


That’s why the Agency Package is SO powerful.

When was the last time you noticed a business that DIDN’T use video?

…exactly! Every single business depends on video to bring in leads & sales.

Build Your Own Profitable Marketing Agency with Playboost


Existing agencies sell video marketing packages for thousands of dollars per month and the average business is over-extending on their budget or simply can’t afford those packages.

This is where you come in with the huge opportunity to charge less, make them more and build a recurring income into high 4 and 5 figures every single month.

Charge clients $200-$500 per month and all you’ll need is 6 clients and you’ll be bringing in $3,000 every month….

Having a sustainable business means you don’t have to start from scratch or $0 every month.

Does an extra $3,000 to $5,000 per month without the constant ‘hustle’ excite you?

BUT It’s HARD to Start an Agency from Scratch…

It’s hard to start up an entirely new agency from scratch, especially if you have zero resources and no marketing materials.

You’ll be starting out from the ground floor.

That’s why for this launch-only special offer, we wanted to go the extra mile for you.

We’ve got you covered on everything for your brand-new agency. You get everything below instantly upon upgrading so you can get started TODAY if you wanted to.


Introducing The Playboost DONE-FOR-YOU Agency Package!…

Here’s everything you’re getting inside…

Playboost Agency Software Add-On

$497 Value


Instead of just giving you the playboost software to go out and sell it as a service, we’ve gone a step further and added in an entire client management dashboard.

Simply log into your existing playboost account, go to your ‘Agency’ tab and easily add, edit and manage your clients directly from inside your playboost account!

This is going to help you be organized and professional when creating campaigns for clients!


How to Find Clients Training

$297 Value


Sometimes finding clients can seem impossible.

…not to mentioned overwhelming!

We want to take that burden off your shoulders and give you a special training that’ll give you exact instructions on unique ways to find clients!

This includes an over-the-shoulder view of my browser and everything is covered step by step…

Here is just some of what is covered:

  • The unique strategy for finding clients that no one else has uncovered yet.
  • How to get leads using a special twist (not what you’d expect).
  • How much to charge for what you’ll be offering (makes anyone feel like they’re getting a BARGAIN).

…and a lot more!


Done-For-You “Here’s What to Say” Client Script

$197 Value


Do you find it hard to know what to say when you are talking to a client and trying to sign them up?

“What Do I Say to Clients?” is one probably the #1 question we get. We know the struggle!

You’d normally have to write out a long script explaining the auto-play shutdown with extreme clarity and why their views are down. You’d then need to present playboost as a solution and nail every single pain point to make sure you are connecting with them on every level. Finally, you’d need to close the deal and sign them up as a client.

This can be a lot of work but for this special launch ONLY, we’ve decided to take this off your hands and actually include a done-for-you script.

This way, you’ll never be left with brain-fog when chatting to a client.

Simply follow our done-for-you script word for word!

We’ll tell you EXACTLY what to say to them.


Done-For-You Templates Package

$97 Value


One of the hardest parts of selling to clients and coming across professionally (and as the leader in your market) is design and branding!.

Think about it… If you took a meeting tomorrow, and you saw two agencies and one had amazing branding and designs and the other didn’t have any – which would seem like the better option for you?

The problem is getting branding and design done means copywriters and designers collaborating and executing and that is going to cost you time and money.

In this launch-only deal, we’re throwing in a templates package in which you get instant access to our done-for-you slide templates that you can use for powerpoint presentations, image elements, videos or just about anything else!

Simply replace what you want and you’re set!

Now coming across professional and as a leader comes naturally and you save time and money at the exact same time!


Done-For-You Landing Page/Website

$297 Value


Getting a website done from scratch would usually cost you a few thousand dollars and at least a couple of weeks!

It would involve copywriters, designers and developers collaborating and that takes time.

Well you can save your time and money because we’re ALSO including a done for you website crafted by a professional team of designers and copywriters.

In this template, you can simply replace what you want so that it suits your brand and the page already hits ALL the pain points that come with the auto-play shut down.

Now, pitching clients is as easy and sending them to this website!

So you’re getting copywriting, design and coding all packaged up into one website ready to start generating clients for you!

Remember… This hand-crafted done-for-you agency package expires forever when the launch is over. So you need to get inside TODAY if you want to secure your new done-for-you agency package.


Playboost Agency License

$497 Value

Training on How to Find Clients

$297 Value

Done-for-You Client Script

$197 Value

Templates Package

$97 Value

Landing Page/Website Template

$297 Value

Total Value

Launch Discount


- $1318

Today’s Price

$67 One-Time


These extra bonuses will be removed from this package when the price

increases and will never be offered again.

Now That You Have All Of That…

How Do You Actually Get Clients?

Great question! Every business uses video marketing. Even if they have one single video, they’re going to be looking to increase their video views to help them boost their leads and revenue.

Here are some ideas to get you started:



Look on You can search for keywords such as “video views” and partner up with established sellers or start your own gig and start receiving orders for your playboost campaigns.


Go to upwork or freelancer and search for ‘video views’ and you’ll find plenty of businesses looking for ways to increase their video views. You can apply to their job offer and use playboost to help solve their problem.


Facebook groups are another great place to find targeted clients. You can find video marketing groups and reach out to see if anyone is looking for ways to increase their video views.

This is A Limited-Time Deal… Get Inside Today!

The price of playboost’s agency package will be increasing, which means you need to get inside today for the special launch discount.

Anyone who gets inside after the timer hits zero will have to pay full price for the done-for-you playboost agency package.

Get inside today and make your videos capture attention irresistibly without expensive designers and coders for you and your clients.

Give your clients the peace of mind that they’ll never have to worry about someone scrolling straight past their videos again:


  • WITHOUT wondering where to find clients
  • WITHOUT worrying what to say to them
  • WITHOUT having to create custom designed slides for your videos, PPT and business cards
  • WITHOUT having to design and develop and entire sales page for your offer

We’ve got all bases covered, to make this a good all-inclusive package for you.


Includes Playboost’s 14 Day Risk FREE

Money Back Guarantee


Take the playboost agency package out for a spin and experience the fulfillment of helping other businesses increase their video views using a software only you can offer. In the unlikely event that you're not completely happy, just let us know within 14 days of buying playboost agency and we will refund 100% of your investment (no questions asked).

Get risk-free access below, and we’ll see you inside.

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