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Upgrade to Playboost PRO to Unlock Extra PREMIUM Features, Templates, Done-For-You Campaigns and MORE Loaded Instantly into Your Playboost Account

PlayBoost OTO1 VSL

Regular price $97 – just a $67 one-time payment today. (no recurring charges) 

  • These unlockable premium growth features are ready inside your account when you upgrade.
  • Make your videos SPEAK to your visitors for extra attention using our text-to-speech feature.
  • Split-test your playboost campaigns to get you more views in one click.
  • 20 Extra DONE-FOR-YOU premium templates.
  • 10 Added premium eye-catching animatons.
  • 20 Extra hand-crafted professional overlays.
  • 10 Extra premium hand-picked fonts.
  • 12 Custom-designed premium play buttons.


Introducing Playboost PRO

Premium features to supercharge your playboost campaigns…

Congratulations on getting inside Playboost, your account details will be arriving soon. I’d be wrong if I didn’t invite you to what I’d consider an essential upgrade to playboost if you’re serious about increasing your video views.

Everything inside our ‘pro’ version is hand-crafted by our BEST designers to give your videos the premium shine that you see on websites and pages that blow YOU away.

If you want your videos to have an edge and not only capture attention, but command it…

Then you’re going to LOVE this pro package.


Playboost Pro Helps You Hit Homeruns

with Every Single Video


Add VOICES to Your Videos

Turn your playboost animated thumbnail into a talking thumbnail too! Tell your visitors to click and play your videos to increase traffic, leads and sales!


No limits on ANY of the pro features!



DONE-FOR-YOU Plug & Play Templates

Proven, high-converting, done-for-you templates included!

PREMIUM Extras & More

Get only the highest-quality in our hand-crafted upgrade of elements that secure more attention, more views and more conversions!


...Making Your Videos SHINE


  • Make your videos SPEAK to your visitors for extra attention using our text-to-speech voice feature.
  • Get even more video views by split-testing your campaigns with our simple one-click ‘drag and drop’ split-test.
  • We've added 20 extra DONE-FOR-YOU proven templates. Just plug them into any of your existing videos!
  • 10 extra premium animations found nowhere else to command your visitors attention.
  • 20 extra hand-crafted premium overlays to not only help you stand out, but ensure your videos are 'dressed-to-impress'.
  • 10 extra cherry-picked 'hidden' fonts to give you that professional style your videos have been missing!
  • Increase your views with our 12 EXTRA custom-designed high definition play button templates.
  • Eye-catching essential analytics on each and every video campaign you run for peace of mind on what is working and what isn’t.

The best part is all of these premium features are INSTANTLY LOADED into your playboost account when you upgrade. So the first time you login, you’ll have access to ALL these premium features.

Regular price $97 – just a $67 one-time payment today.

(no recurring charges) 


Here’s what you’re getting inside

Playboost PRO Premium. Everything.

Add attention-grabbing ‘Text-to-Speech’ sound effects to your videos for the PERFECT call-to-action

Imagine your auto-paused videos SPEAKING to your visitors and adding an extra line of sound protection against the 'auto-play shutdown' on your video saying “Unmute me, I’m ready to play…”

…or anything else you want it to say (FULL customization).

Nothing else does this right now – and you get it instantly loaded into your campaign editor when you upgrade to pro.

The only other way to get this done is by hiring a voice-actor and then hiring a developer to hard-code it to your video.



Peace of mind knowing you’re squeezing each play you can with our ‘Split-Test’ feature

We don't like it when split-testing is hard. That's why we made it possible with ONE click directly from your existing campaign. Split-test every campaign so you know exactly which one is generating the most views for your business (…and sales).

We all know the feeling of flying blind, right?

And it sucks. Using playboost pro’s split-testing feature, you never have to feel like that again by locking in the best version of every video with certainty.

20 PREMIUM Done-For-You Templates Just a Click Away

Our done-for-you templates are hand-crafted by only the best designers to ensure your videos not only pop out – but they impress and get results (views, leads and sales for your business).

These templates are not only our best-converting ones, they are easy to add to your videos too.

Simply select your template, make any edits (you don’t need to make any if you don’t want to) and click “Install”.

That’s it!



10 Extra Premium Animations Add Attention-Demanding Effects to Everything

As you know, our intuitive drag & drop editor lets you animate every single element you add to your playboost campaign.

So it only makes sense that we offer you extra PREMIUM animations to give you a step up over competitors and give your videos that professional look.


20 Extra Premium Overlays with Stop-Scroll Precision

Overlays act as a background for your video. I like to refer to it as the cornerstone of your video because everything is added over and above it.

Since it plays such a big role, we wanted to cherry-pick only the best hand-crafted overlays that you won’t find ANYWHERE else.

These overlays demand attention and are sure to stop your visitors scrolling past your videos.



10 Extra Premium Hand-Selected Fonts Give You an Unrivaled Professional Style

Call-to-actions are part of the Marketing ABCs.

It’s the first thing you learn. You HAVE to tell your visitors what you want them to do.

In our case, it’s to 'click play' on our auto-paused videos.

We wanted to give you something that would make your videos look like they were designed by a professional designer and videographer so your call-to-action is crystal clear.

These premium fonts give you just that.

Increase Your View Count with Our 12 Extra Play Button Templates

The play button is the center of each and every video, and it’s where your visitors eyes will go before they click ‘play’.

So it’s essential the play button looks amazing.

Our play buttons are hand-designed by our top designers (you won’t find these anywhere else, because they simply don’t exist anywhere else).

Standing out just becomes easy.



Eye-Catching Analytics Making Decisions Easy

Making decisions without hard data is close to impossible. Actually, it’s called guessing.

With our pro analytics, you get the data you need to make important decisions with peace of mind and certainty.

When your decisions are backed by rock solid data, you can’t go wrong.

Right now, your playboost account is ready for you…

Although as you can see, we’ve hand-crafted a very special pro upgrade that elevates the experience your videos will give your visitors.

It’s one thing to increase views and it’s another to impress. Combine the two and you have a winning solution for using video to increase traffic, leads and sales for your business.

This upgrade is available as a one-time only deal and it contains everything premium and done-for-you.

Videos will look strikingly impressive on any of your pages and they’re easier than ever to set up.

This special launch of playboost could end at any time, which will mean this deal will either close down or we’ll increase the price to $97.

Click the upgrade button below to secure your pro upgrade for playboost, and we’ll automatically upgrade your account so these new premium features are loaded instantly for you when you first log in.

Regular price $97 – just a $67 one-time payment today.

(no recurring charges) 



14 Day Money Back Guarantee

The playboost pro package also comes with our 14 day money back guarantee. Click the button above and upgrade and in the unlikely event that you're not completely happy with the upgrade, simply let us know within 14 days and we will refund 100% of your investment (no questions asked).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlayBoost Pro?

Playboost pro is a selection of extra premium features such as split-testing and text-to-speech sounds over your videos, extra premium done-for-you templates, fonts, animations, overlays, play buttons and more. All of these come with UNLIMITED rights so you can use them as much as you want, on UNLIMITED videos.

Are there any recurring fees for the templates and premium features in the PRO upgrade?

Nope, none at all! We wanted to offer this as a special launch deal for a one-time payment. In the future, we might turn this into a ‘Template Club’ deal for a recurring fee but if that ever happens you will automatically be added into that club without having to pay anything extra. The one-time fee grandfathers you into future upgrades.

Can I create videos for clients using these pro features?

Yes! If you purchase the agency package on the next page, then these pro features will automatically be loaded into your agency package and dashboard so you can create client videos using these premium features.

Can I create unlimited videos with these?

Yes, absolutely. We don’t place any limits on your potential and you can use these elements as many times as you want, and on as many videos as you want.

Is there a money-back guarantee for this?

Yes, all of our products come with a 14 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with this upgrade within a 14 day window, you can simply contact our support and we’ll send you a full refund for your investment.

Regular price $97 – just a $67 one-time payment today.

(no recurring charges) 


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